Navadarshanam’s activities can be divided into two categories: outer work and inner work.

Outer Work

Outer work at Navadarshanam consists of tasks being undertaken in the following areas:

  • Eco-Restoration
  • Organic & natural Farming
  • Food and Health
  • Alternative Technologies in the areas of housing, energy and cooking fuels

The following links give some idea of the work being done in the above areas:

June 2011: Updates to Om Bagaria’s 2004 and 2005 article on energy alternatives being tried out at Nd

  1. The honge oil experiment had to abandoned after four years as the engine started developing too much carbon deposits. We are now trying out various options to overcome this problem, but in the meantime are using regular diesel for our purposes.
  2. All the methane generated from our two gobar gas plants is now being used exclusively for our common kitchen only.
  3. The wind generator is need of repairs. It is perhaps a mechanical problem, but we will know for sure only when we bring the equipment down from the mast – quite a task!
  4. The second set of solar panels has been shifted to a point adjacent to the first, as its location made it vulnerable to a marauding wild tusker, which has been causing extensive damage to our land!

Inner Work

Inner work, on the other hand, is very difficult to describe. It is a personal affair, each focusing on the purification of one’s own mind. This is seen as the primary goal of life, but it is easier said than done. In order to help each other tread this difficult path, we organize Study Circle meetings once in a while, and also have a small library dedicated to alternative ideas. Themes covered at the Study Circle meetings have included:

  • Parliamentary Democracy (Sept 93)
  • Voluntary Simplicity (April 94)
  • Land – the Silent teacher & Swaraj – Wholistic Living (Sept 94)
  • Alternative Medicine (Sept 94)
  • Inner Tan (march 95)
  • Awareness of Biases (July 95)
  • Happy Deathday (aug 95)
  • Implications of Relativity Theory and Quantum Mechanics for our Everyday World (Nov 95)
  • Humour as healer (April 96)
  • Natural Child Birth & Rearing – revival of traditional practices (July 96)
  • Holistic Healing: mixing doses of fun and art with medical therapies in a hospital ward (July 96)
  • Light on Light (Nov 96)
  • Alternative ideas in education (Nov 97)
  • Alternative Ideas in Housing (Jan 98)
  • Reconnecting with land (July 98)
  • Compulsive Consumption: the disease and its cures (July 99)
  • The gross and the subtle: the deeper reality behind the transitions we call life and death (Oct 99)
  • Herbs and their uses (Jan 2000)
  • Child Care: the alternative approach (June 2000)
  • True Globalization: the Gandhian alternative (July 2000)
  • Rain Water harvesting (Aug 2000)
  • Books and Journals dedicated to alternative ideas (Jan 2001)
  • Varsha Vandana (Aug 2001)
  • Dance, Art & Music: Portrayal of Cosmic Drama & Primal Sound (Jan 2002)
  • Gandhi’s Views on Democracy (Aug 2002)
  • The Unity Behind All Religions (Jan 2003)
  • Eco-friendly housing for urban areas (Aug 2003)
  • Inner Work according to Kabir (Jan 2004)
  • Understanding Homoeopathy (Jan 2005)
  • Off the beaten track (Jan 2006)