Expansion of Navadarshanam Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Initiative – Nov 2016

As announced earlier this year, this new initiative, called the Navadarshanam Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) , is a way for consumers of the Navadarshanam food products to make a deeper connection with the food and the producers of food.  As part of the announcement on Jan-26, we had invited those interested to register for a limited pilot starting June 2016. We are happy to inform you that we have had a successful and useful pilot program over the last 5 months with about 50 members – from June through October – and we are now ready to expand the CSA to accept subscriptions from other interested participants.

We will be limiting this phase of member sign-ups to about 50 additional members and then perhaps some time in spring of 2017 potentially further expand the membership.  Also in this phase we will limit the pick up/drop off points for the CSA boxes to Jayanagar, JP Nagar, Malleswaram and Whitefield.

While the CSA initiative will clearly benefit urban consumers by ensuring a regular weekly delivery of organic wholesome groceries, vegetables, fruits and ready to eat items, we urge potential subscribers to carefully read the details of the initiative and understand some of the deeper goals of the CSA as well as the commitments we need from you. With the rapid degradation in the quality of urban foods consumed and the continuing deep crisis in the farming communities, we view the CSA as an important vehicle to revive consumer’s connections with food and the connections with farming communities that grow their food and create an enduring member participatory model.

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