The Navadarshanam brand of food items comprises value-added farm products that offer healthier food alternatives in the Bangalore market. Guided originally by the organic farming and healthy cooking principles practiced by the Navadarshanam community, the health foods activity is today wholly managed and operated by a group of villagers under the banner of Navadarshanam Trust Self Help Group. The operation provides a reasonable alternate income to more than 25 farming families from the local village community.


  • Offer wholesome, healthy, traditional and ecologically sustainable food choices for urban consumers
  • Ensure that ALL of the commercial benefits of the enterprise are passed on to the rural producers of food.
  • Offer a fair price to farmers who grow the produce.
  • Create a better, direct and more enduring connection between urban consumers and rural producers of food.
  • Inspire urban consumers to embrace and extend their perspectives on health – from valuing personal health to valuing ecological health and taking a deeper responsibility towards societal health.
  • Reduce wastage of food at every step of the process