General Visitor Guidelines

Duration of stay

In order to make your visit meaningful we suggest that you give yourself enough time for the visit – either an overnight stay or a full-day visit. This is especially true if you are coming for the first time. Rushing in and rushing out makes all of us tired and we would prefer to show you around on a leisurely schedule and also get to know you personally. So, please avoid very short visits.

Accommodation and Food

We accommodate guests in our residences, each having a different design and ambience. Food, bedding, blankets etc. are provided to visitors. Traditional, organic, wholesome, vegetarian food mostly locally grown is served in the community kitchen for residents and visitors.


We do not have any fixed charges for visitors but leave it to the affordability and inclination of those who visit to contribute as they deem fit. We typically do not take any contributions from villagers, students, rural workers etc., so our hope is that visitors from relatively affluent backgrounds will contribute sufficiently to subsidize the stay of others who cannot afford as well as to sustain the place for posterity.

What to Bring

Visitors need to bring a flash light and rain gear (during the rainy season) and any personal items and clothing, Weather is fairly moderate through most of the year.

What not to bring

  • Items that may contain meat, fish, eggs, or alcoholic drinks – these are not allowed within the Navadarshanam campus.
  • Anti-bacterial cleaning solutions or heavy duty detergents and soaps
  • Strong perfumes or scents
  • Any electrical gadgets that require power-supply/charging other than mobile phone since the entire campus is run on solar power.  At select times during the day we may allow visitors to charge their laptops

While on campus

We urge that visitors follow these guidelines while on campus:

  • Respect the wild life and ensure that we give them the space and do not disturb them.
  • Respect the vegetation all around – so please avoid plucking flowers or fruit or damaging the ecosystem in any way
  • Conserve water and electricity and be mindful of how much is being used
  • Ensure that any plastic wrappers and other bio-non-degradable waste that you bring with you goes back with you
  • Ensure that you adhere to the kitchen timings for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Even though Navadarshanam falls in Tamilnadu, the region around it is Kannada-Telugu speaking. Within Navadarshanam itself, all languages are welcome. All the Trustees here know English well, and most of the residents have picked up enough Hindi and English to be able to manage with visitors who don’t know the local languages. As we have discovered through experience, the language of love and fellow-feeling transcends all linguistic boundaries.

Getting to Navadarshanam

The roads leading to Navadarshanam are not well lit and the campus borders a wildlife sanctuary –  we therefore recommend that visitors arrive here well before dark.. Typically the campus shuts down after dinner and we switch off all lights and retire by 8:30 pm. Please make your travel plans keeping in mind that you need to reach the Navadashanam campus by 6 pm and if that is not possible plan your arrival for the next morning.

For detailed directions to get to Navadarshanam, please click on this link: Directions-To-ND.

Wilderness Disclaimer

Navadarshanam is a wilderness area and adjoins a larger wilderness sanctuary. While we have been living here for a long time amidst the creatures of this bush-land forest and feel very secure, some interactions with other living creatures is at times unavoidable. If you have reservations about your safety on this account, please reconsider your decision to stay here because we cannot be held responsible for the action of nature’s various creatures.