Sustainable Happiness

The source of sustainable happiness is on the inside and the realization of our true state of Being. All things emanate from and resolve into this true state of Being, a state of Oneness whose very nature is Bliss. The illusory journey of the individual then is one of dissolving the Ego-self and there by overcoming the individual-world duality and Be in this Natural state. For one on this journey, until such a point where one is able to inhere in this Natural state, there is a world of names and forms and the perceived need to act. Inner work is a set practices that keep one closer to ones Natural state and ensures that one participates in the outer work as an instrument of destiny. The body-mind-ego complex is the portal that initiates this illusory journey and its health and well-being is essential until finally the portal and with it all duality is subsumed in the Bliss of the Oneness.