We welcome visitors seeking to explore and share/ learn about sustainable alternatives and share an interest in the values and life-style of Navadarshanam. We discourage visitors who are looking merely for resort-like arrangements or picnic spots.

Please note that in order for us to plan our time with you and plan the food while ensuring there is no wastage, it is imperative that we know in advance as to the exact number of visitors. We will be unable to entertain visitors who come without prior notice.

In order to write to us regarding your plans and obtain our confirmation in advance of your visit please click here

IMPORTANT: Please read the visitor guidelines before visiting us.

Visitor Guidelines

Duration of stay

In order to make your visit meaningful we suggest that you give yourself enough time for the visit – either an overnight stay or a full-day visit.

Accommodation and Food

We accommodate guests in our residences, each having a different design and ambience. Food, bedding, blankets etc. are provided to visitors. Traditional, organic, wholesome, vegetarian food mostly locally grown …

Individuals and families

We have a regular flow of individuals and families visiting and staying with us for a few days. These are mostly folks wanting to reconnect with nature, farming or exploring returning to the land, creating community, seeking more sustainable choices in day to day urban life etc. Please write to us if you wish to visit us indicating what you are interested in, how many of you in the group and requested dates and duration of stay.

Group Programs

We can work with you to create a program for groups. We have created programs for teachers and trainers, groups seeking to create community, exchange student groups from overseas, urban civil society forums etc. Please write to us with details about the group, anticipated duration of visit and what you wish to get out of the visit.

School Programs

We have frequent groups of children of all age groups that visit us both for day visits as well as multi-day programs. If you wish to expose children to specific hands-on work like farming tasks etc. please let us know well in advance and we can plan the agenda accordingly.

Internship/Immersion Programs

We work with other organizations that sponsor and facilitate student and cultural exchange programs. As part of this, we offer interns the opportunity to live and learn with us about all facets of our explorations at Navadarshanam as well as the opportunity to interact with local village communities and understand rural livelihoods.