Our Home

An expanse of 110 acres of hilly land bordering the Thally reserve forest, 50 km south of Bangalore along the TN-Karnataka border, provides a serene and inspiring setting for pursuing the aims of the Trust. Thirty-five acres were bought with Trust funds and the remaining by individuals who share the Trust's vision and aims.

Directions & Map

Directions and a map to Navadarshanam may be found on the contact page.

Arrangements for visitors

We welcome visitors, but strongly DISCOURAGE those who are looking for weekend getaways, resort-like arrangements or picnic spots. We would like only those who share an interest in the values and life-style of Navadarshanam to come here, and we welcome such visitors. For any clarifications on this important point, please phone either Nagarajan on 92430-49163 or Gopalan on 92436-15470 or Ananthu on 92436-05053.

In order to make your visit wmeaningful from the point of spending quality time we suggest that you come here for an overnight stay. If that is not possible you can come for a full-day visit. Especially if you are coming for the first time, rushing in and rushing out makes all of us tired, especially on hot sunny days. We would like to show you around leisurely and also get to know you personally. So, please avoid very short visits.

We do not have a guest house. However, a maximum of 15 guests can be accommodated in Navadarshanam's eco-friendly homes of the residents, each having a different design and ambience. Food, bedding, blankets etc. are provided to visitors. Food is simple, vegetarian. Weather is fairly cool all through the year (somewhat like Bangalore, but a little cooler because of the natural surroundings). Visitors need to bring only their personal clothing, a torch, insect repellent and umbrellas during the rainy season.

We don't have any fixed charges for visitors, but as Navadarshanam does not take any funding from any source, contributions from visitors are a major source of its quest for self-sufficiency. Rather than specify any fixed amount, we leave it to the pocket and inclination of those who stay to contribute as they deem fit. We do not take anything from villagers, students, rural workers etc., so our hope is that those coming from affluent backgrounds will contribute sufficiently to subsidize the stay of others who can not afford.

As the roads leading to Nd are not lighted, it is necessary to arrive here well before it gets dark. Recently, several visitors have lost their way at night while trying to negotiate the roads, and have found it very difficult to come back to the correct path. This has also upset our schedules as we switch off all lights and retire by 8:30 pm. Therefore, please make it a point to reach here by 6 pm, and if that is not possible, please postpone your arrival to the next morning.


Even though Navadarshanam falls in Tamilnadu, the region around it is Kannada-Telugu speaking. Within Navadarshanam itself, all languages are welcome. All the Trustees here know English well, and most of the workers have picked up enough Hindi and English to be able to manage with visitors who don't know the local languages. As we have discovered through experience, the language of love and fellow-feeling transcends all linguistic boundaries.

Advance Notice Regarding Visits

We love to share whatever food we make with all our visitors. In fact, food is an integral and important part of the Nd experience - how to make and eat food that is healthy, tasty as well as inexpensive. However, now with more and more visitors dropping in, planning how much to cook is proving a difficult task. Therefore, we need to know in advance who and how many are coming. Even though we like to treat everyone in the same way, a visitor who comes unannounced surprises us and throws our schedules into disarray. Therefore, please do phone Nagarajan on 92430-49163 and co-ordinate your plans with him. Please give us enough notice and do not arrive unannounced.

Group visits from schools, colleges etc. need advance and careful planning and co-ordination. We like to have children visiting Nd yet dissuade all group visits unless the agenda is carefully planned and is in line with Nd's philosophy.

Policies for Visitors

No meat, fish, eggs, or alcoholic drinks are allowed within the Navadarshanam campus. No littering of plastics, chocolate wrappers, tetra packs etc. Nobody is allowed to tip any worker individually. All contributions are pooled and distributed among the village members.

Everyone is enjoined upon to conserve water and electricity, not to pluck any fruit or flower, not to damage the environment in any way. No electrical gadgets other than those for recharging of batteries may be used by visitors, as we have no connection from the grid and depend solely on solar energy.

As mentioned earlier, Navadarshanam is getting transformed into a nascent forest. We have been living here for a long time amidst all the creatures of this bush-land forest. Most of the dwellings here are tile-roofed. We do our best to keep you comfortable, but some interaction with other living creatures is unavoidable in our natural surroundings. If you have reservations about your safety on this account, please reconsider your decision to stay here because we cannot be held responsible for the action of nature's various creatures.