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Past Events
2-day program for visiting students from US - May 2016
4-day Sustainable farming and permaculture workshop - April 2016
Annual Day – Going local naturally - Jan 26, 2016
3-Day Silent Retreat - Nov 2015
4-day Sustainable farming and permaculture workshop - Oct 2015
Songs of Mystics

This is a 4-day program featuring selected bhajans of Kabir, Mira and other mystics. Participants will be taught how to sing the bhajans, and will also be trained in rudimentary aspects of the Dhrupad style of classical music and will include an early morning classical session on shlokas.  There will also be a discourse on the meaning of the selected bhajans from a mystic point of view.

Sustainable Farming-Permaculture

These 4-day workshops on sustainable farming and permaculture principles is intended for anyone interested in growing food and is designed to provide a good understanding of the principles and methods involved in sustainable farming.  The program will have a significant focus on hands on work backed by theory sessions that will cover the underlying principles. Topics covered will include permaculture principles, getting started with a piece of land, low to zero input organic farming methods, understanding soil, pest management, composting, seed saving, plant nurseries and vegetable starts, water harvesting, food forests etc.


Participants will be required to arrive on Wednesday evening or latest by 8am on Thursday. The sessions will begin at 9.00am on Thursday and end at 4 pm on Sunday. This is a fee-based program. All guidance and discussion will be in English.

Fasting your way to wellness

This retreat is facilitated to allow participants to explore a 3-day to 7-day guided water-fasting regimen to reboot, reset and begin healing their body and mind and to develop a routine that is immersed in mindfulness and moderation.

Participants are required to arrive a day prior to beginning the fast and stay a day after breaking their fast. This retreat is organized on a request basis any time of the year.