Our Aims

  • Exploring and adopting holistic and natural ways of fulfilling our outer and inner needs.
  • Rediscovering our relationship with the creation and the Creative Power.
  • Giving up a path of development which fans consumerism, profiteering and growth measured purely in material terms.
  • Striving towards the transformation of self by reaching out to that Creative Energy which gives rise to all physical and mental phenomena.

The ND Story

Once upon a time, the Navadarshanam team members were young and idealistic. Through explorations of Gandhi's new science, which recognized…

Our Community Kitchen


The community kitchen acts as the key gathering node and brings members of the community together three times a day. The community kitchen is guided by the following principles:

  • Preparation of organic, wholesome, healthy, satvic and tasty food
  • Use of seasonal and local fruits and vegetables
  • Zero waste of food
  • Responsible use of water

We are currently trying to instill the practice of eating silently and mindfully. We also have a stated objective of becoming self sufficient in vegetables, grains and pulses.

The community kitchen acts as a field trial for new food item introductions as well as sampler for each production batch. In order to be able to plan and avoid wastage, food is served to visitors only by prior arrangement and not for casual walk-ins.


Governance and Financing


Legally and structurally, we are a public charitable trust engaged in exploring, educating and advancing alternative ideas in the area of food, energy, water, building construction, and waste and creating social programs to help better the life of local small and marginal farmers. In order to live by and implement the ideas enshrined in the vision and values framed within this legal structure, a group of people has assembled and expanded over the years to form the Navadarshanam community. In the years since inception, the greater Navadarshanam community has extended far beyond the campus and can be thought of as all those folks that have touched and been touched by the vision and values in a deeper sense.

Our governance reflects this blend of institution and community. The aims and objects of the trust are framed within the trust deed and there is a board of trustees that has overall responsibility for the management of the trust. This is a mature group of people that have sought out the values, the way of life which in many respects is simple and have embraced the idea of seeking each in their own way the spiritual underpinnings for their actions. So we function in a simple and informal way when it comes to sharing the workload and the day-to-day operational responsibilities. As any given specific situation demands decisions are made either by the executive committee or by the entire community through a consensus process.


All the land and property is held by the trust and there is no individual ownership of land or property within the campus.


Contributions from residents as well as visitors, guests and friends of Navadarshanam enables the trust to sustain itself.