Against the backdrop of the wonderful natural regeneration of the landscape at Navadarshanam, we have established a small settlement where we have put into practice various ideas of using appropriate technology, permaculture principles and traditional knowledge systems to live sustainably on the land. We have also helped create and continue to guide the operation of a village Food Initiative that is now owned and operated by the the surrounding village community with a focus of providing organic and sustainable food choices to urban consumers while ensuring fair price for farmers and supporting local livelihood.

As with everything, there is constant change and over time our focus shifts between the different facets of sustainable living and with it the challenges we face change as well. The one constant here which is the source of our resilience is the spiritual underpinnings that guide our actions.

Explore and Experiment

Investigate and implement sustainable alternatives in all aspect of living

Share and Educate

Share the learnings through workshops, discussions and visitor programs

Retreat and Reflect

Facilitate sessions and retreats to reflect and seek the source of all things

Green Buildings & Energy

Our approach towards energy and buildings has been guided by the following principles …

Sustainable Farming & Permaculture

We incorporate traditional knowledge systems, agro-forestry practices, natural farming practices and at an overall level are guided by permaculture principles and ethics…

Water Harvesting & Management

We have implemented structural water harvesting for domestic use and earthworks for…

Wilderness Preservation

Our land use policies reflect the central notion of supporting a regenerative ecosystem and preservation of the wilderness…

Sustainable Happiness

The source of sustainable happiness is on the inside and the realization of our true state…